Mike Griffin's Stealth Swearing In

"Vice President Dick Cheney swears in NASA AdministratorMichael Griffinashis wife, Rebecca Griffin, holds the Bible during a ceremony in theVice President's Ceremonial Officeat the Dwight D. Eisenhower Executive Office BuildingTuesday, June28, 2005. White House photo byDavid Bohrer"

Editor's note: This event occurred more than 2 months after Griffin was sworn in by Presidential Science Advisor John Marburger. A "formal" swearing in usually happens in a public format - yet no media were present at this private event and this picture just appeared on the NASA website with no fanfare. How weird.

Reader note: "In April [Griffin] has his right hand on the Bible. [In June] he has his left hand on the Bible. What gives? Maybe one swearing-in cancels out the other?!"

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