Griffin Fiddles with 60 Day Study Release Schedule

Editor's update: Now it looks like the release may be slipped back until after the landing of Discovery. This is due to the feedback received after last week's briefings and the need for NASA to firm up its story.

Editor's note: Sources indicate that Mike Griffin will release the Exploration Architecture Study at a NASA HQ briefing Monday afternoon, 18 July.

Editor's note: As reported here last week, briefings regarding Mike Griffin's 60 day study have been underway for congressional and industry representatives in Washington. Not everyone gets the same briefing however. Reports from these briefings speak of lack of budget data, lack of a firm or final design for the heavy launch vehicle, and a general feel of disorganization within the presentations. External reviewers are citing a number of problems with they have been presented. Contractors are miffed because they don't think things have been thought through thoroughly - and that some very simple questions cannot be answered. The ISS partner nations are not happy campers either.

Among those briefed this week at NASA HQ were former astronaut (and O'Keefe choice for Deputy Administrator) Charles Bolden, GWU professor and Kerry presidential campaign space advisor John Logsdon, Marcia Smith from CRS, and Pete Worden. More to follow.

Griffin Wants Inline SDLV and 5 Segment SRB/CEV (earlier post)

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