Who is important - and who is not - at NASA HQ

Editor's update: The action being worked is titled "NASA Headquarters Institutional Requirements Review". The abstract of the action, dated 0/02/2005 and coming from Rex Geveden states: "Review is being performed to assess consistency of Headquarters staffing and budgeted resources with the Agency's revised strategic direction. The review will entail a an evaluation of human resources (including contractors, detailees, Intergovernmental Personnel Act employees) and funds expenditures to determine whether activities that are performed here can be more effectively performed at NASA Field Centers."

Editor's note: According to NASA HQ sources an action is now circulating, due next Monday, for all the AA's to prioritize their staff. Sources point to a planning target workforce reduction at HQ of 40% that Scott Pace and Mike Griffin have been working toward. This ranking would better help them understand who is important and who is not. Of course, a RIF is the next logical step. Think back to the old RIF Watch days in the 1990's when Dan Goldin wanted to slash the workforce. Remember what "RIF" stood for? Resistance Is Futile.

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