GRC RIF Update: Notes From the Trenches

NASA GRC Reader note: "The significant contractor layoffs at GRC have reached a magnitude that is requiring at least one contractor and probably more, to comply with the provision of the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act ("WARN act"): Simply this act requires companies to provide 60 days advance notice prior to a mass layoff if more than 50 employs are being let go and more than 33% of the company is to be terminated."

"In the case of the contractor that I work for, the percentage is more like 70% of the employees are to be terminated. Until late this week, the WARN act notification was to happen on Monday, October 17. That date has now slipped till October 24.

Now add 60 days to October 24 and you get December 23. Merry Christmas and happy pink slip!"

Another NASA GRC Reader note: "The axe begins to swing at the NASA Glenn Research Center for the technical and engineering staff. Friday October 14th 2005, 19 technical staff membersof the TFOMEcontract have beensent packing with more promised in the coming weeks. Word has it that Zin Technologies, the prime contractor on the NASA Glenn MRDOC contractis expected to begin distributing walking papers as of Monday the 17th toit's engineering staff possibly effecting as many as 75-100."

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