Layoff Update

JPL Layoffs Have Begun, La Canada Valley Sun

"The first round of reductions to meet that cut will involve layoffs for about 200 regular employees and 100 contractors, according to JPL officials. Total work force at the La Caada facility is about 5,400."

The New Regime, Government Executive

Griffin: "Our plans and our budgets left us with 2,000 civil servants who weren't assigned to a job that NASA was doing. For many years, NASA did not address a growing mismatch between what our civil service skill mix was and what we needed it to be. As we change our emphasis, some skills aren't needed anymore."

"Also, the centers tend to contract for work that could be done by civil servants. We want to shift some of the work around so centers short on tasks and long on staff can pick up some of the load. Even after we do some of that, there will still be folks at NASA who just aren't needed for the kinds of things that we're doing going forward. We will in-source to the extent that it makes sense, not simply to find people a job. A RIF in the hundreds by next summer would not be unlikely."

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