Space News Delivery Oddities

Editor's 8 Feb update: On Tuesday I got my 6 February issue. Today (Wednesday) I got my 30 January issue. Otherwise, my mail delivery is normal. I have called the number Space News lists to call about such things several times since my earlier post and left messages - but no one has ever called me back. Maybe its time not to renew.

Editor's 25 Jan note: A week or two before Christmas I noticed that my copy of Space News was not showing up. After the holidays I noticed that it still had not shown up. I checked my records, and saw that my subscription had not lapsed. Several more weeks went by - still no Space News - and I was about to complain. Then today I went to my Post Office box and there was this week's copy - and copies for the previous two weeks - all nice, crisp, and unread. Curiously, there was nothing in my box yesterday afternoon - and my mail delivery has otherwise been quite normal.

Reader note: "Keith: Exactly the same happened to me. Weird! [name withheld], Pittsburgh, PA"

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