C'mon Mike. Where's the Transcript?

Editor's note: C'mon, Mike. I put in a formal request for a transcript of the event with Tom DeLay yesterday. It has been nearly a week since the event in question. Dean Acosta told me that he did not have a recording or a transcript when I spoke with him yesterday. Now you claim that you have the transcript. If so, then why haven't I been sent that transcript? Why haven't you posted it online? You folks are going out of your way to let the misunderstanding about what you did or did not say at this event persist - and then you turn around criticize the media for working with what they can dig up on their own.

And you chose to highlight this communications dysfunctionality during an employee update wherein you are unveiling a new agency communications policy. Go figure.

Editor's update: According to Mike Griffin on the webcast, after sitting on the transcript, NASA is now going to release it.

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