China Scolds US on Lack of Openness and Cooperation in Space

China's unmanned spaceship to near the moon next year, People's Daily

"Luo Ge said to NASA Administrator Michael Griffin that China is now cooperating with Europe, Russia, Brazil, Nigeria and Venezuela in the field of space. He said it was a pity that the US doesn't have space cooperation with China now, calling it a sign of decreased openness of the US compared with it was twenty years ago."

Chinese space official lays out exploration plans, Reuters

"Describing his meeting, Luo said he talked about how open the United States was on his first visit in 1980. "At that time I found the U.S. was very open, and in the 1990s and now, it's the other way around," he said. "I think one country, if it's open, is going to have progress, and if it's closed, then it's going to be left behind." Luo said that in the 1950s and 1970s, China was closed and had slow development, "but after the 1980s, we have achieved substantial progress and development, so countries should be open."

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