Outer Space Fashion Emergency

Wedding dress for use in space, Seihin-World

"Space Couture Design Contest supported by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency is now being held. Prior to the contest, Eri Matsui, chairperson of the contest committee, designed a wedding dress which looks beautiful both under gravity and zero-gravity (picture on the left: under gravity, right: under zero-gravity). Her design stimulates our dream that we may get married in space soon."

Editor's note: Meanwhile, the U.S. could certainly use a little fashion sense on-orbit. Have a look at this recent image (right) of Expedition 13 Science Officer Jeff Williams. Check out his space booties - complete with fake fur trim. Is it just me - or do these look like the things your grandmother wears in the winter when she goes out to get the newspaper in the morning? Get this guy a fashion makeover - quick. Maybe JAXA can help.

Reader comment: "Keith: The "outer space fashion emergency" just looks like a pair of fine, old fashioned, Russian felt boots (valenki)"

Reader comment: "Keith: While out of fashion, the space booties are not quite so far back as your grandmother. They resemble the NASA version of Uggs, which were still in style merely a year ago..."

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