Sloppy DVD Production at NASA

Editor's note: Last week Risk Management Corporation sent out an email to all of the participants of the recent NASA Risk Management Conference VI regarding a DVD of the proceedings which has been mailed to each registered participant. This morning John Tinsley at NASA HQ sent out an email - to all 407 participants saying "Please disregard this email. It was not approved for distribution and was sent out in error. Official instructions regarding the DVD will be forthcoming from NASA." I am not certain what Tinsley is referring to, but when I popped the DVD into my Mac I had to fish around for the right file to open (manually) in my browser. None of the videos worked despite some fiddling with settings on my part. Clearly no one thought to test this out on a Mac before publishing and distributing it. Oh yes - you can't eject the DVD from your Mac unless you quit your browser first.

This is unfortunate since this was a really good conference. I hope they fix these glitches.

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