Bad Space Reporting From the Milspace Crowd

NASA administrator shares his vision of returning to moon, DC Military

"In his presentation, "NASA's Exploration Architecture," Griffin laid out NASA's future plans to the midshipmen. Some of those plans include completing the International Space Station, safely flying the space shuttle until 2010 when NASA will retire the space vehicle which took astronauts like Neal Armstrong to the moon, and to develop and fly the new Crew Exploration and Crew Launch Vehicles no later than 2014."

Reader note: "This author needs to learn about space and the various launch vehicles used by the NASA over the years. I didn't know the Space Shuttle was operational in '69 and capable flying to the moon and returning. At least, since it wasn't in quotes so I'm assuming it wasn't Griffin who made the comment."

Editor's note: Oh yes, it's "Neil" not "Neal" Armstrong

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