A New Group of Earthbound Astronauts

One Man's Rest is Another Man's Research, NASA JSC

"Astronaut Don Thomas visited members of the bed rest study in June, posing for souvenir photos -- like this one, with volunteer Beth Ann Shriber -- and expressing gratitude for their work: "Twenty years from now, when we land on Mars, I hope you're watching it," he told them. "I really appreciate the effort you're putting in. This is important stuff."

Editor's note: Meanwhile George Viebranz has begun his 3 month bedrest stint at the Cleveland Clinic - the same facility where Erin Peterson participated in an earlier study. Visit his blog and say hello. Once again there is zero interest by NASA GRC PAO in what is going on at Cleveland Clinic.

Earthbound Astronaut Stands Up - And NASA Ignores Her, earlier post

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