There's More to Exploration Than Mars

  • Comments by NASA AA for Legislative Affairs Brian Chase at the Mars Society Convention
  • Presentation by NASA AA for Exploration Systems Scott Horowitz
  • Remarks by Michael Griffin to the Mars Society

    "... NASA's stakeholders at the White House and Congress have provided clear direction on the policies and programs that the Agency must carry out. And so, while some of you might wish it to be otherwise, NASA's strategic goals are neither solely nor initially focused upon Mars. We are charged with carrying out a broad portfolio of missions in space exploration, scientific discovery, and aeronautics research. With the resources projected to be available to NASA over the next five years, properly balanced with our other national priorities of Earth and space science as well as aeronautics research, NASA is on course to complete the International Space Station by 2010 and to bring the CEV on-line no later than 2014."

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