HQ Media Access Issue Resolved, Security Hole Remains

Editor's note: At a meeting yesterday to discuss the recent security rules for media access to NASA HQ, NASA PAO and Security representatives (David Mould, Eric Sterner, and David Saleeba) informed a dozen or so reporters that the media advisory containing this new policy was released - by mistake - before being approved, that this new policy will not be approved or implemented, and that access to reporters will remain more or less exactly as it was before the advisory was released. All in attendance were comfortable with this clarification and this matter has been put to rest in a professional fashion.

During that meeting, however, I pointed out to Security AA David Saleeba that there is an easy way to gain access to NASA HQ in the east lobby. Here's how you can get in:

In essence, you wait for a guest to come out at lunch time and leave their visitor's badge at the guard desk. All you have to do is walk up, look down at the collection of visitor's badges on the guard's desk, say the number on one of the badges, and the guard will give it to you, and you can go into the building.

When I told Saleeba about this he looked down at his nose at me and did not seem to be at all concerned about it. He told me sarcastically "we'll put you in a sound proof booth". He was also rather unconcerned about the fact that I could enter GSFC as easily as I did last week without any inspection of my car.

Perhaps by posting this on NASA Watch he will feel compelled to fix this blatant security hole. Then again, Saleeba has ignored all of my previous email requests ...

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