ISS Retirement Date TBD? 2015? 2016?

NASA Advisory Council Meeting Notes

"According to NAC Chair Harrison Schmitt "the ISS budget run out seems to have an artifact which shows that U.S. funding of the ISS ends after 2016. [NAC member] John Logsdon reports that our partners look at this as reality in terms of their own ISS planning." Schmitt went on to suggest that NASA needs to be a little clearer about what this means." ... "A back-up CR 009951 chart notes: "Presidential direction to meet Assembly Complete and retire Shuttle by September 2010. 18 remaining Shuttle flights (including ULF1.1). ULF4 & ULF5 are "contingency" flights"

Strategic Management Council: Meeting Minutes and Actions - Date: 16 May 2006 Time: 8:00 a.m. 4:55 p.m. (PDT) Location: Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Building 167 conference room. Eleventh Item of Business: FY2008 Budget Formulation Update

"- David Schurr, PA&E, provided members with status information on the preparation of the Agency's FY2008 budget.

"Schurr noted that the decision yet to be made on the International Space Station retirement date will have impacts within the current budget horizon."

  • PA&E received control account managers budgets and issues and final institutional investment proposals. They are working corrections to budget controls for known issues.
  • By June 1st, they expect to receive center analysis of uncovered FTEs (full time equivalent) and service pools, Shared Capability Asset Program analysis of existing underused assets and proposals for new projects, and mission support office analysis of requirements.
  • PA&E will release the draft Issues Book by June 15th.
  • He provided an overview of NASA's institutional portfolio and its associated issues, and a preliminary assessment of program issues.

Members questioned the process for resolving issues. Schurr stated that, as much as possible, issues will be resolved outside of the management councils: those that can't be resolved will be brought forward to the Operations Management Council (OMC) and SMC meetings in mid-June and July. Members discussed difficulties associated with the transition from the Shuttle to the CEV. Schurr noted that the decision yet to be made on the International Space Station retirement date will have impacts within the current budget horizon. Director Chris Shank, PA&E Strategic Investments, promised to share with members the version of the Agency's operating plan that is being provided to Congressional offices.

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