Spend Lunch Money on Earth To Destroy Satellites in Space

U.S. Warns of Threat to Satellites, AP

"The Bush administration warned Wednesday against threats by terrorist groups and other nations against U.S. commercial and military satellites, and discounted the need for a treaty aimed at preventing an arms race in space. Undersecretary of State Robert G. Joseph also reasserted U.S. policy that it has a right to use force against hostile nations or terror groups that might try to attack American satellites or ground installations that support space programs. President Bush adopted a new U.S. space policy earlier this year."

Combating Satellite Terrorism, DIY Style, Popular Mechanics

"We demonstrated that a few unsophisticated guys with a few thousand dollars' worth of equipment could interfere with a seriously sophisticated satellite system," says John Holbrook, Space CHOP's program manager. "If we had turned on full power, we would've knocked [the system] out."

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