Knowledge Management Team: Out of Date - Out Of Touch

Editor's 11:38 am note note: Have a look at this membership page for the NASA Knowledge Management Team - whose motto is "Delivering Information for Action". This page was last updated almost three years ago. As such, old mail codes are used - and - it seems, no one from the space science community is (was) included. And be certain to check out the links at the bottom of the page. "Freedom to Manage" has been offline for some time. The "News" page hasn't been touched in more than 2 years

Talk about being out of touch with what passes for current information. Will someone wake up the team's webmaster, please.

Editor's 7:00 pm update: The membership page has been mysteriously updated. Yet the news page is still years out of date. Yet another example of what often motivates NASA website updates: embarassment after getting mentioned on NASA Watch. Otherwise, stale webpages seem to be OK at NASA.

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