Another School Needs Help

Help These Students See Their Experiment Launched, SpaceRef

"Dear NASA Watch: My name is Carolyn Bushman. I teach at Wendover High School, Utah's only NASA Explorer School. Wendover has 180 7-12 grade students. Last year I had the opportunity of taking students to the Wallops Fight Facility to see their experiment fly on an Orion Rocket. I met Pamela Ghaffarian of Franke Park Elementary, Multiage Classroom and she told me how NASA Watch had helped get her students to Wallops Well this year I'm facing a similar dilemma Due to cut backs the sub-sem is no longer happening, but the NES brought my attention to a new opportunity of having an experiment flown out of New Mexico. My students submitted an experiment and got it accepted."

Reader note: Keith, I work for the Space Shuttle Program at MSFC and would like to donate $500 towards the cost of this trip. I know how much this type of trip would have meant to me during my high school years.

- Anonymous Space Shuttle employee who would like to share the experience ...

Keith Cowing, In response to "Another school needs help"

I would like to start off by saying thank you for this site and all the hard work that is put into it. I currently work for MSFC in Huntsville Alabama as an Engineering Technician.

My wife is a school teacher in Fayetteville Tennessee so I can relate to Carolyn Bushman's dilemma. It is a shame that there is not enough funding across the country to allow students and teachers to take part in learning activities as described.

My wife and I would like to donate100 dollars toCarolyn Bushman so that her dedication to her students can continue. I have never met Carolyn but I would like to thank her personally for being a "dedicated and caring teacher". I can only hope that enough money will be raised so that her students can participate.

Thanks again Carolyn for putting dreams in your children's eyes! Your hard work and dedication is appreciated!


A concerned Engineering Technician and the..... "Husband of a school teacher"

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