Space Tether and Space Elevator Update

New Generation of Space Tether Scheduled for Launch 17 April 2007, Tethers Unlimited

"The Tethers Unlimited, Inc. (TUI) "Multi-Application Survivable Tether" (MAST) experiment will be launched April 17th to study the dynamics of tethered spacecraft formations and survivability of a new multistrand tether technology in low Earth orbit (LEO). The MAST experiment consists of three GPS receiver-equipped picosatellites stacked for launch into a volume about the size of a loaf of bread."

Liftport - The Space Elevator Companies Shuts Down, Editorial, The Space Elevator Reference

"Starting a business from the ground up is extremely tough. I know, I've done it a few times. So I'm not surprised to read that Liftport has shut down operations. This is according to what's posted by Brian Dunbar in the Liftport blog."

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