Russia Claims NASA Wants Lunar Helium-3 Blockade

Russia sees moon plot in Nasa plans, Telegraph

"Mankind's second race for the moon took on a distinctly Cold War feel yesterday when the Russian space agency accused its old rival Nasa of rejecting a proposal for joint lunar exploration. The claim comes amid suspicion in Moscow that the United States is seeking to deny Russia access to an isotope in abundance under the moon's surface that many believe could replace fossil fuels and even end the threat of global warming."

Editor's note: To be certain, there has to be a certain amount of UK tabloid armwaving, Russian paranoia, and bad translations involved here. But the core premise of this article is just goofy i.e. that the U.S. is trying to block Russia from mining Helium-3 on the moon.

NASA denies snubbing Russia's moon offer, New Scientist

"NASA denies that it has received any proposal from Russia to conduct joint moon activities, despite media reports to the contrary. Still, some experts say the US agency is pursuing an increasingly isolationist stance and could be left behind as other nations forge new partnerships to explore space."

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