Exploration "Framework" Released

NASA, 13 Space Agencies Release Exploration Strategy Framework

"NASA and 13 space agencies from around the world are releasing the latest product of their Global Exploration Strategy discussions. The document, "The Global Exploration Strategy: The Framework for Coordination," reflects a shared vision of space exploration focused on solar system destinations where humans may someday live and work. The framework document allows for the establishment of a voluntary, non-binding mechanism by which space agencies can exchange information on their respective space exploration plans. This coordination mechanism will play a key role in helping to identify gaps, overlaps and synergies in the space exploration plans of participating agencies."

Editor's 31 May Note: Of course, you'd expect that such an important document would be featured on the ESMD website - right? Guess again. Nor is it on NASA's home page or the agency's main VSE page. It does appear on the main "breaking news" page however.

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