ISS Computer Problems Persist

Station teams scramble to resolve computer glitch,

"A major computer failure in the Russian segment of the international space station, possibly triggered by the addition of new U.S. solar arrays earlier this week, has shut down critical systems and left the outpost dependent on the shuttle Atlantis for any major changes in orientation. The space station has plenty of supplies on board and the combined 10-member crew is in no immediate danger. But the space station cannot safely operate without the Russian computers and the problem must be resolved before Atlantis departs next week."

Space station computers partly restored, Reuters

"U.S. and Russian flight controllers partially restored critical computers aboard the International Space Station on Thursday after a system crash that could have forced the $100 billion orbital outpost's crew back to Earth. NASA also made plans to keep the visiting space shuttle Atlantis attached to the station for an additional day to help steer the massive complex if the computers, which control navigation, remain a problem."

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