A Different Sort of Mars Mission Analog

1000 Days at Sea: The Mars Ocean Odyssey: "Captain Stowe has collaborated with and maintains a close relationship with behavioral scientists associated with NASA and the Smithsonian. This is due to their interest in common aspects of isolation during the 1000 day ocean voyage that are very similar to the time frame and challenges expected for the coming manned Mars expedition."

Some Space Analogous Thoughts

  • How do astronauts wash their clothes?
  • Now that it's hot, I never wear shoes. Can they go barefooted?
  • During spaceflight, the only thing an astronaut can touch is what they bring with them. It's the same for us, though we can touch water and the few fish that we catch. It's very much sensory deprivation.
  • How much will power does it take for an astronaut to go on?
  • Are they constantly called on to do their best?
  • We are totally responsible for the outcome of our voyage. How is the astronaut affected by the unseen "big brother" who monitors them and drives their ship?
  • How do similar voyages into the unknown inspire the spiritual consciousness of mankind?

Follow the crew's progress on their Mission Blog

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