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Keith Cowing's Devon Island Journal: 18 July 2007: Ancient Memorials for Modern Space Explorers

"A day or so later a package arrived. As I opened it I told my wife, with a bit of a tear in my eye, "this is history". I had been sent one of the few items Dick Scobee had left in his briefcase when he took off for his last mission: a business card and a mission lapel pin. I am certain that his family has so little in the way of such items. As such I was really honored that the family had chosen this inukshuk we planned to build on Devon Island, as the place where such precious items would rest. I explained these items as well as I placed them in the inukshuk - and read the card that June Scobee Rogers had included - in it she said: "Looks like we share similar missions - inspiring, exploring, learning".

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Agent of the Imperium by Marc Miller - Baen Books

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