NASA Begins Converting to The Graphic Element

Editor's attempt at humor: NASA Strategic Communications Commander Robert Hopkins moved swiftly late Tuesday to consolidate his power and begin implementation of his new Graphic Element. NASA meatball logos began to disappear all across the agency - at a speed faster than even the old NASA worm logos disappeared - to be replaced by the NASA's new Graphic Element. This image is one example of the Graphic Element properly applied (click to enlarge)

Henceforth all NASA meatball logos are to be removed and replaced with the new Graphic Element. Anyone caught not using the Graphic Element will be sent to Wallops for Graphic Element re-education.

In addition, all NASA employees will be required to memorize the Core Message and complete training in the proper implementation of the Message Construct. Spot inspections will be performed on a random basis so as to assure 100% compliance.

All employees will be expected to have Elevator Speeches with one another whenever riding in an elevator so as to confirm each other's proficiency with the Message Construct and the Core Message. This also applies to after hours use of escalators, moving sidewalks at airports, and amusement park rides (you can tell people that the momentary weightlessness you feel is actually a NASA spinoff).

And of course, to be compatible with the format of the Message Construct and the Core Message, incomplete sentences and thoughts are the preferred mode of conversation at all times when discussing this topic. Further information can be found here.

You will comply.

Reader note: "Thats an awesome picture. Time to repaint the VAB and also paste that pathetic triangle on the Hubble next year when they service it.Maybe they should have used a rhombus instead."

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