Today's Bonus YouTube Video: Killing Me With Science

Editor's note: Not to be out done, NASA has a somewhat retro avant-guard video online (below) - one that focuses on Mars Phoenix. Using 80's music works for me - indeed this video has a 80's MTV feel to it. Alas, while it probably hits the taxpaying demographic right in the middle, I am not sure how it connects with the younger crowd. That's OK. At least someone at NASA is trying. NASA now needs to expand on this experiment and be hitting multiple audiences using multiple approaches. I guess the producers of this video will need to do another one using music that is still on the charts. Of course, for me, the all time MTV classic video promoting space themes (even if overt pre-launch alcohol consumption is depicted) is still "Major Tom" by Peter Schilling (below). Look at the variants of this video that have also been produced ...

New NASA Mars Phoenix Video

Classic "Major Tom" MTV video by Peter Schilling

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