Today's Odd Commentary on Space

Shuttle Diplomacy, commentary, The Conservative Voice

"This culture of arrogance and ignorance is the same reason that we've already lost 2 shuttles and their crews. But this culture is by no means unique to NASA.It's the same culture that allowed Minnesota commuters to cross that bridge, without giving them what many would consider adequate warning about its true condition. It's the same culture that told Utah miners it was safe to descend into that mine. It's the same culture that allows innocent children to be repeatedly raped and murdered by sexual deviants all across the US. It's the same culture that allows US soldiers to continue patrolling Iraqi highways in lightly armored Humvees, knowing that terrorists would rather plant a roadside bomb or hit them with a VBIED, than confront them directly."

Editor's note: Just as the author was about to make a point about engineering and operational risk assessments. he goes off the deep end - linking NASA accidents to child sexual abuse and military tactics in Iraq ... yea right.

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