NASA StratComm Misses a Really Cool Spinoff

Star Trek medical device uses ultrasound to seal punctured lungs, University of Washington

"Engineers at the University of Washington are working with Harborview doctors to create new emergency treatments right out of Star Trek: a tricorder type device using high-intensity focused ultrasound rays. This summer, researchers published the first experiment using ultrasound to seal punctured lungs. ... The research was funded the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Defense and the National Space Biomedical Research Institute."

Spinoff Fact Checking Needed at StratComm, earlier post

"SMC Decision: The Administrator directed that the Office of Communications Planning thoroughly vet NASA claims that the Agency was responsible for the research that enabled technologies ultimately used by the general public (e.g., smoke detectors) with in-house experts before it can be included in Agency messages.

SMC Action: The Office of Communications Planning is to vet the current list of NASA "spinoff" technologies being used in the Office's message testing with in house experts, specifically the Innovative Partnership Program Director Doug Comstock, Howard Ross of PA&E, and, with specific regard to smoke detector technology, Aeronautics Research Associate Administrator Lisa Porter, due by the next meeting."

Editor's note: It would seem that while NASA StratComm staff are off checking to see if their unsubstantiated and antiquated claims about the proverbial "spinoffs" the agency seems to fling off (so they would suggest) at a furious pace, they missed this real spinoff alltogether - one that is indeed right out of Star Trek and funded by NASA's own NSBRI! The "communications" within NASA's "Strategic Communications" would seem to need an upgrade.

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