NASA's 50th Anniversary Logo

Remarks by NASA Deputy Administrator Shana Dale - Introduction of 50th Anniversary Logo

"We've prepared a logo for that celebration, which is being unveiled for the first time today. I hope you'll see beyond the "50" in the foreground to the image beyond. The galaxy you see is a composite of several images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. It's referred to as the "Grand Plan" galaxy, because its spiral shape is so well and so smoothly defined."

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The "50 Years" logo makes no reference to the manned space flight program, which forms the biggest part of NASA's budget. Strange. Did someone use a summer intern from high school with PhotoShop skills to make it? The NASA meatball looks like it was pasted on by accident. Maybe NASA's next inspirational slogan of the month should be: "Unimaginative, pathetic crap from clueless bureaucrats and lame duck political appointees. Get over it."

Simple, Elegant, Beautiful,....and no hint of the first "A" in "NASA". - Anonymous NASA employee.

This must be a contest to see if you can figure out what you're looking at. My guess: a 5 in front of an occulted sun with a coronal mass ejection in the upper right. Playing the animation doesn't do a lot to help .. remnants of a supernova blast?

(groan) Is it supposed to be the big black hole taxpayers are throwing their money into?

Look at the 40th anniversary logo for comparison: One look told you the achievements and accomplishments of the agency. Plus, the "Pionnering the Future." Contrast that now with "NASA explores for answers that power our future." It means we've gone from frontiersmen to batteries. And if that's a blackhole, well, the lights are out.

Was someone paid to come up with a black hole? Because seriously, even a black hole would have been better...

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