NASA's Messy Finances: Green Light At The End Of The Tunnel?

NASA Deputy Administrator Shana Dale's Blog: Financial Management

"2002 was the last year in which NASA's auditors were able to provide a "clean" opinion of the Agency's financial statements. 2003 was the year NASA implemented its integrated financial management system, and the process and data issues uncovered during that implementation resulted in the auditors' inability to provide subsequent opinions on NASA's financial statements. NASA has made considerable progress toward improved financial health and reporting since that time, as evidenced by improved scores on the Financial Management Improvement component of the President's Management Agenda scorecard. The Agency is currently "green" on progress based on the successful accomplishment of its corrective action plan milestones."

NASA OIG Final Memorandum on Audit of NASA's Compliance with Federal Internal Control Reporting Requirements

Business Modernization: NASA Must Consider Agencywide Needs to Reap the Full Benefits of Its Enterprise Management System Modernization Effort, GAO

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