OMB Report on NASA Education

OMB NASA Education Program 2007 Assessment (pdf)

Editor's note: This OMB assessment has been widely circulated within NASA. It would seem that NASA fails on program management and on achieving results.

Assessment Rating: Results Not Demonstrated

Assessment Section Scores

Program Purpose & Design - 100%
Strategic Planning - 88%
Program Management - 60%
Program Results/Accountability - 33%

Type - Improvement Plan - Action Taken

Performance - Collecting performance data consistently and annually for all program activities, reporting performance against the program's established metrics and targets, and using results to improve performance. - No action taken

Performance - Conducting independent evaluations to assess the program's effectiveness and efficiency against the program's established metrics and performance goals and applying resources based on the results. - No action taken

Budgetary - Offering opportunities not addressed by other agencies and that are unique in their use of NASA's resources and benefits to NASA's mission and collaborating with other agencies where appropriate. - No action taken

Budgetary - Avoiding duplication with other NASA education programs. - No action taken

Performance - Filling NASA's workforce needs using a stronger effort to consider eligible program participants and facilitate their entry into positions at NASA. - Action taken, but not completed

Performance - Establishing baselines for all performance metrics. - No action taken

Management - Fully execute the new education investment framework, per the framework's implementation plan, to complete the strategic alignment of the Education portfolio that best supports the Agency strategic direction and the Exploration Vision. This action is a continuation of a former follow-on action to develop the investment framework and implementation plan. - Action taken, but not completed

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