Palomar Observatory Threatened by Fire?

Volunteer firefighters save mountaintop, SIgn On San Diego

"The top of Palomar Mountain hasn't burned in recorded history. Today, largely because of tireless volunteer firefighters and relentless air attacks, that still holds true."

Editor's note: This message was posted at 6 am this morning on the [AAVSO-DIS] list:

"As of 4 am this morning, I got an e-mail from my friend who is a night assistant, on fire watch all night. The observatory is still standing, although the fire is in the community of Palomar Mountain. The roads are cut off now, so if the fire comes, the people there will have to shelter in the 200-inch dome."

Editor's update: Update: "Dear Colleagues: There is (as yet) no imminent danger to the Observatory from the fires that are currently raging in San Diego county. However, there are a few fires in the general vicinity of the Palomar Mountain region. After due consultation I have informed Dan McKenna, the recently appointed site supervisor, to evacuate the Observatory."

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