NEO Hearing

Hearing: Near-Earth Objects - Status of the Survey Program and Review of NASA's Report to Congress

Hearing Charter: Near-Earth Objects: Status of the Survey Program and Review of NASA's 2007 Report to Congress

"On Thursday, November 8, 2007 at 10:00 a.m., the House Committee on Science and Technology's Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics will hold a hearing to examine the status of NASA's Near-Earth Object survey program, review the findings and recommendations of NASA's report to Congress, Near-Earth Object Survey and Deflection Analysis of Alternatives, and to assess NASA's plans for complying with the requirements of Section 321 of the NASA Authorization Act of 2005."

Testimony of Russell Schweickart
Testimony of J. Anthony Tyson
Testimony of Donald Campbell
Testimony of Donald Yeomans
Testimony of Scott Pace
Testimony of James Green
Testimony of Rep. Luis G. Fortuo
Testimony of Chairman Mark Udall

Planetary Society Asks Congress to Save Arecibo Radio Telescope

Independent Analysis of Alternatives To Divert a NEO on a Likely Collision Course With Earth, B612 Foundation

Complete NASA Report "2006 Near Earth Object Survey and Deflection Study" Online at B612 Foundation Website, B612 Foundation

Near-Earth Object Detection, Characterization, and Threat Mitigation Workshop

NASA Strategic Management Council Meeting: 2006 Near-Earth Object Survey and Deflection Study

"Griffin complimented the thoroughness of the study. He stated that NASA is not funded to do anything more than the current detection program. Members discussed the origin of the congressional language and its intent. SMD Associate Administrator Mary Cleave suggested that NASA should not be in the business of building and operating ground-based telescopes but that portion of any program could be done in partnership with the National Science Foundation."

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