Confusing Story about Rocketplane

Rocketplane still on track for launch, The Journal Record

"Founded in 2001, the project touted the ability to eventually send civilian travelers into space on suborbital flights for those willing to pay a price nearing several hundred thousand dollars for a trip. Rocketplane opened its Oklahoma City office in 2004. The company is led by CEO George French. Subsequent tax credits by the Oklahoma Tax Commission is 2004 amounted to $18 million in transferable credits. In addition NASA committed to more than $200 million with several strings attached. So far, Rocketplane has not lived up to its requirements set forth by NASA. In addition, the company sold its state tax credits in an effort to fund its suborbital spacecraft. Financial problems have also led to cutbacks and layoffs at the company."

Editor's note: If I read this article the way it is written I get the impression that NASA is providing $200 million to support a space tourism project. That's news to me. Or does this represent confusion on someone's part between Rockeplane's suborital space tourism project and Rocketplane Kistler's COTS activities?

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