COTS In Stealth Mode Within JSC Organization

Reader note: "You seem to get answers... So... With all of the recent interest in COTS and NASA's attempt at commercialization, why is it that at JSC, they don't even have a website linked to the main JSC organization chart??

QA - Commercial Crew & Cargo Program Office [No website]

Furthermore, here's the list of personnel in QA at JSC.[below] In my opinion, that's not a whole lot of folks dedicated to the pursuit of commercialization."

(281)483-2166 BULK, TIMOTHY A(ORG-QA)(NASA) JSU00Q92 1/704A QA
(281)480-7427 CARPENTER, EDWARD J(JOE)(ORG-QA)(BAH) JSU00KCN 2525 Bay Area Blvd/204 QA/BAH
(281)212-1469 GAUNTT, RACHEL L(ORG-SA)(WLS) JSU00T59 1300 HERCULES/116 QA/W4
(281)244-7508 HORKACHUCK, MIKE(ORG-QA)(NASA) JSU0024D 1/704E QA111
(281)483-5483 KELSO, ROBERT M(ORG-QA)(NASA) JSU001XP 1/842 QA
(281)244-7064 LINDENMOYER, ALAN J(ORG-QA)(NASA) JSU001P4 1/704B QA
(281)483-1992 MANNERS, BRUCE A(ORG-QA)(NASA) JSU00N6Z 1/704G QA111
(281)244-2404 MEEHAN, KEVIN M(ORG-QA)(NASA) JSU00ER2 1/704A QAZC
(281)483-3662 RUEMMELE, WARREN P(ORG-QA)(NASA) JSU0072S 1/704A QA111
(281)792-5570 STONE, DENNIS A(ORG-QA)(NASA) JSU000HF 1/840 QA
(281)483-4626 SURBER, MICHAEL R(MIKE)(ORG-QA)(NASA) JSU003Z0 4S/3900B QA
(281)483-0819 TAYLOR, STARR F(ORG-QA)(NASA) JSU00IZR 1/704 QA
(281)244-7097 THORN, VALIN B(ORG-QA)(NASA) JSU000DE 1/704C QA
(281)483-0819 WASHINGTON, DEOBRAH A(ORG-QA)(4WS) JSU00T3W 1/704 QA

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