Extending The Shuttle - While Bashing Russia

HR 4837 Spacefaring Priorities for America's Continued Exploration Act (Full Text)

"a) Use of Space Shuttle for Access to Space- NASA shall fly at least 2 Space Shuttle missions per year for crew transport, instead of Russian crew and cargo services, for the period of 2010 through 2015, or until Orion is operational. There are authorized to be appropriated to NASA such sums as may be necessary, in addition to amounts otherwise authorized, to carry out this subsection, including for the production of more external tanks as may be needed."

Editor's note: Rep. Weldon is exorcising some non-space demons at the same time that he is trying to prolong shuttle operations. This legislation also includes a large amount of Russia-bashing - much of it gratuitous - much more than is needed to make the simple point (agreed to by many) that the U.S. should not be reliant upon Russia (or any other country) to fly American astronauts. i.e. "Despite United States objections, Russia sold billions of dollars worth of weapons to the regime of Hugo Chavez in 2006. Such meddling is a possible violation of the Monroe Doctrine and a throwback to the Cold War era."

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