GOES-12 Problems

NOAA SATOPS Morning Report: Friday, December 07, 2007, SEC

"Engineers have confirmed the cause of the attitude disturbances on GOES-12 that started after the North/South maneuver. We believe there is a leak in the oxidizer line of thruster 2B. We were successful yesterday in isolating the thruster. This evening, we are planning to go into normal attitude control mode. Engineers will be monitoring the spacecraft through out the weekend. On Monday we will determine whether to begin normal imaging and sounding operations. GOES-10 continues to support the East satellite imaging and sounding operations. Since yesterday GOES-10 GVAR and all auxiliary services, including EMWIN, were broadcast simultaneously through GOES-10 and GOES-12."

NOAA SATOPS Morning Report: Thursday, December 06, 2007

"The yearly GOES-12 North/South maneuver was done on DOY 338 as scheduled. However, SOCC engineers were unable to return the spacecraft to normal mode. At the present time (340/1430z) the spacecraft remains in station keeping mode. A "Tiger Team was convened yesterday and continues to meet to resolve the issue. Starting on DOY 339/1515z GOES-10 imaging is replacing GOES-12 until the problem is resolved with GOES-12."

GOES-12 Anomaly Status Update

"GOES-12 remains in power positive stationkeeping mode (thruster attitude control) with all subsytems safe. The anomaly that caused the attitude disturbances on GOES-12 has been identified by NESDIS engineers, and NESDIS will attempt to return to normal on orbit mode at approximately 2300 UTC today."

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