Science Cafes: Something NASA Should Be Doing

Science Cafes Tap Nation's Fascination With Research and Discoveries, Wired

"Toby Garfield, an oceanographer at San Francisco State University, was explaining the science of big ocean waves, like the giant Mavericks surf break about 25 miles away. As he showed slides of the ocean floor and explained that the coast is a system of energy dissipation, the crowd peppered him with questions. Why do waves come in sets? What are rogue waves? How is the United States harnessing the power of waves to make renewable energy? Scenes like this are being repeated across the country at science cafes, where contemporary science -- a topic that Americans supposedly find dull -- is drawing substantial crowds month after month, even on topics as nerdy as gene sequencing and dark matter."

Editor's note: This is something NASA Should Be Doing. Oh wait - they are - at ARC i.e. Luna Philosophie, NASA CoLab

Editor's update: A NASA Watch reader informed me that LaRC Has been holding Science Cafes as well - my omission. Perhaps LaRC will fix its press release distribution system such that I get press releases and media notices (such as this one) - things that I have registered to receive by email ...

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