ESMD's Revolving Door - Update

Editor's note: Last month I submitted a series of questions to NASA ESMD PAO (see ESMD'S Revolving Door). After a delay of several weeks, I finally got a response which was some what lacking in detail. I was directed to approach NASA LaRC PAO since "NESC is an independent NASA entity and ESMD does not keep track of the duties of NESC employees."

I heard back from LaRC PAO today only a few days after asking my initial question.

According to NASA LaRC PAO, from a human resources perspective Scott Horowitz is an "appointed consultant". This classification is used "for positions that require only temporary or intermittent employment." As such Horowitz is exempted from certain regular government requirements such as the need to compete the position.

Horowitz is also designated as a "Special Government Employee" - a position wherein the employee performs temporary duties "for no more than 130 days during any period of 365 consecutive days." As a Special Government Employee some but not all provision of the Ethics in Government Act reply. Additional restrictions are applicable if he works for more than 60 days.

Horowitz's pay check comes from the federal government and his employment is through the NESC.

Horowitz is participating as part of a mentor team for the MLAS (Launch Abort System). This team is composed of former Space Shuttle and Apollo engineers and astronauts. Their task is to produce an independent critique of the MLAS design.

The MLAS design was originally created by Mike Griffin and Scott Horowitz. In response to a direct question as to whether Scott Horowitz had been hired to work on a project that he created while he was Associate Administrator of ESMD, the answer was "yes".

Horowitz may work on other tasks at some point in the future including a readiness review in March.

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