Stanford VSE Update Meeting: Yawn

Editor's note: Nothing of substance was discussed. Nothing of substance was decided. The VSE is safe - for now. Mike Griffin got all worked up about this meeting - for nothing.

Alas, Scott Horowitz was rather forceful in his defense of the VSE - often profane in doing so. Not exactly the best salesman NASA could put forth in such an environment - officially or unofficially.


Space Experts Say: Restore Funding and Enhance International Outreach to Put Humans on Mars While Sustaining NASA's Science Mission, Planetary Society

"This workshop achieved a consensus that NASA's resources have not been commensurate with its mandated missions of exploration and science," said G. Scott Hubbard, former director of NASA's Ames Research Laboratory in Mountain View, California, and a consulting professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Stanford."

Editor's update: Wow. How profound. NASA needs more money.


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