Today's Video: "Astrospies" premieres Tuesday on NOVA

Note from NOVA: "On Tuesday, February 12, NOVA will present the premiere of "Astrospies," an inside look at the covert space programs that hid in the shadows of the 1960s space race. We think readers of NASAWatch will be interested in the show, and we hope you'll consider posting about it!"

Amid the countdowns, launches, splashdowns, and parades that heralded the race to the moon, both the United States and the Soviet Union ran quiet campaigns to launch military astronauts on spying missions. Highly classified for decades, these top-secret missions might easily have triggered a shooting war in orbit. In "Astrospies," NOVA travels to Russia for exclusive access to cosmonauts and their restricted space facility and obtains candid first-time interviews with American astronauts in the Air Force-run military space program.

You can get a sneak peak inside a fully intact, never-launched version of the Russian spy station in this clip:

"Astrospies" will premiere Tuesday, February 12 at 8pm ET/PT on most PBS stations. I've attached our e-card and press release with more details on the show. You can also learn more at the Astrospies Web site:

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