The Queen Of All NASA Media

Michael Griffin By Marsha Ivins, The Time 100

"Mike Griffin, 58, had wanted to be administrator of NASA since the inception of the agency. To him, the appeal of the job was never about position or title but about the fact that space fired his imagination. It still does, and now, thanks to him, manned exploration of the moon and Mars is becoming a real possibility."

Editor's note: Of all the people they could have chosen, Time just happened to pick Number One Griffin pal and self-professed communications expert Marsha Ivins. What a coincidence. Did she bother to tell Time's millions of readers that she and Griffin are close friends? Nah, why tell people about possible biases, eh?

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[...] The Queen Of All NASA Media | NASA Watch: Today a NASA Watch reader made a very insightful comment about the many messages within the Space advocacy community, which range from support, to the removal, of NASA Administrator Mike Griffin. Phil commented about how we expect the public to get behind us if we don’t even agree about seemingly anything concerning manned Space exploration. [...]----- -------- Read More


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