Steve Cook's Head In The Sand Management Style

NASA engineers work on alternative moon rocket, AP

"The Jupiter design is being reviewed by a team of 57 volunteer engineers, from line engineers up to NASA middle managers, Tierney said. Those numbers are dwarfed by NASA's Ares work force, which has thousands of government workers and contractors. The head of the Ares office at Marshall said he can't rule out the possibility that some of his people are involved with the underground program. "I don't know what people do on their own time," Steve Cook said in a recent interview with The Associated Press."

Constellation Update, NASA Watch, 15 May 2008

"Editor's note: When I asked Steve Cook if any of his employees were working on the "Direct" or "Jupiter" project he said that he was not aware of that anyone was. When asked if this would be allowed during or after hours, he said that it would not and that this would be "unapproved" work."

Doug Cooke Dumps on Direct Concept, earlier post

Is Steve Cook Being Less Than DIRECT About What NASA Is Doing?, earlier post

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