Shh! The Astronaut Code of Professional Responsibility is Online

NASA Releases Astronaut Code Of Conduct, WESH

"For almost 50 years, NASA never thought it needed to tell astronauts how to behave, but the behavior of Lisa Nowak comes immediately to mind when reading NASA's new astronaut code of conduct."

Frequently Asked Questions About The Astronaut Health Care System Review Committee Report

"3. The report recommends NASA establish and enforce an astronaut code of conduct. What plans are there for a code of conduct? JSC managers, including officials within the astronaut office, have been discussing an astronaut code of conduct prior to this report. NASA accepts the recommendation and is NASA is reviewing how such a process will be collaboratively implemented. We're not going to speculate on what such a code of conduct might include."

NASA Astronaut Health Care System Review Committee February - June, 2007 Report to the Administrator

"The absence of a code of conduct and its enforcement, and the lack of management action to limit inappropriate activity increases the likelihood of aberrant behavior occurring and decreases the likelihood of such behavior being reported."

Editor's note: Despite repeated mention that an Astronaut Code of Conduct was needed and under development, NASA never seems to have gotten around to announcing that it is actually completed - and online. You do not see any mention of it here - where you'd expct it to be: Astronaut Health Reviews01.23.08. Instead, you need to go here and go to this link "Astronaut Code of Professional Responsibility" to a 10.8 mb PDF file (again pictures of pwords, but no searchable text). Here are smaller versions of that document (large)(small)

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