What the MSL Bailout Looks Like

MSL Cost Overrun Status and Plans, Presentation at the Planetary Science Subcommittee
James L. Green, Director, Planetary Science Division, October 2, 2008

Solution space -covering pending overrun in FY09
- Approximately $70Mfrom:

  • PSD rephasing LV, reduce carryover, & efficiencies
  • SMD reduce carryover (to be paid back later)

- Delay and/or cancel developing missions:
  • Juno ($160M) delay or cancel -will effect release of NF AO
  • GRAIL ($45M)delay or cancel -will effect next Disco AO
  • LADEE ($21M) delay or cancel
  • NASA instruments on ExoMars ($5M)
  • MAVEN ($2M)

Charts below

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