Curious CIO Job Opening (Shh! Don't tell anyone)

Editor's note: There is an opening for a Information Technology Specialist in the Architecture and Infrastructure Division of the Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at NASA HQ. The open period extends from 14-28 November 2008 - i.e. only two weeks. This seems to be a little odd: picking such a position in the midst of a presidential administration transition - with the Thanksgiving Day holiday in the middle of the open period. One would think that such a permanent position would allow a wider range off applicants to apply and do so over a longer period of time - one not overlapping a major national holiday when many people take long periods off. Moreover, given the ongoing transition, and the responsibilities this person would have across the entire agency (see below) wouldn't it be better to allow the new NASA management team to fill this position - or decide to handle these tasks differently? Hmm ... on the other hand .. could it be that someone at NASA is looking for a place to "burrow" in from a political to a career position?


The duties of this position include, but are not limited to:

* Serving as the program Executive for Agency web portals and services, including COTR for web services contracts.

* Overseeing contract administration activities for long-term, extensive technical service contracts.

* Planning and formulating policies, programs, and procedures governing information dissemination functions for a significant organizational component of an Agency such as the Scientific and Technical Information (STI). As well as collaboration with Public Affairs on the web content management.

* Providing consultation to managers on developing public affairs activities and materials for internal and external use.

* Acting as an expert advisor and technical authority on complex and precedent-setting policy and program issues, developing policies, strategies, and plans for technical information programs/projects for agency-wide application.

* Providing expert advice and guidance on government programs and policies which are of significant interest to the public and Congress.

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