Early Ammonia Servicer Reentry

Reader note: About 3 years ago we started to look at jettisoning the Early Ammonia Servicer from the ISS. After a long, hard fight we got the go-ahead to do it, and we jettisoned it back in July 2007. It looks like it's going to be reentering the atmosphere Sunday night - we expect most, but not all, of it to burn up on entry. Here's the latest data:

The predicted reentry of EAS has moved up another four hours. Reentry now expected Sunday afternoon, US time. Confidence of prediction time and location still remains low.

1. U.S. Satellite Number / International Designator / Common Name / Satellite Type / Owner: 31928/1998-067BA/ISS DEB (EAS)/DEBRIS/ ISS
2. Date of launch : 20 NOV 1998
3. Orbit number / Direction of travel at predicted reentry time / Predicted reentry date and time in GMT : REV 7450/ASCENDING /02 NOV 2040Z
4. Latitude and longitude of predicted reentry : 44.2 DEG N 25.8 DEG E
5. Uncertainty in predicted reentry time : DECAY WINDOW IS PLUS OR MINUS 01 DAY(S).
6. Orbital inclination : INCLINATION 051.6 DEGREES.
7. Time of next report : NEXT REPORT 1 DAYS BEFORE DECAY.

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