Earth to Ashton Kutcher: In Answer to Your Question ...

NASA and USAID Bring Earth-Observation Benefits to Africa

"NASA, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and their international partners cut the ribbon Friday in Nairobi, Kenya, for SERVIR-Africa. The SERVIR-Africa system integrates the satellite resources of the United States and other countries into a Web-based Earth information system. This effort puts previously inaccessible information into the hands of local scientists, government leaders and communities to help address concerns related to natural disasters, disease outbreaks, biodiversity and climate change."

Dude, Where's My Space Program?, earlier post

"Kutcher: We send things to Mars. But there are thousands of children that are sold into the sex slave trade every single day. But we send stuff to Mars instead of solving that problem. There's Africa where people are dying of Malaria. There's a quantifiable solution to the problem - and yet we send stuff to Mars - instead of getting bed nets for these people."

Editor's note: Gee Ashton, imagine that, yet another example of how space technology is being applied to real problems on Earth - something that has been going on for 50 years. Alas, this news item will never get past your agents, handlers, and hair stylists before you go on air again and make a fool of yourself.

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