Escaped Mutant Spiders Threaten Astronauts - Again

Nasa loses spider on International Space Station, Times Online

"Astronauts were hunting for a missing party guest as they prepared to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the International Space Station. One of two spiders sent to the orbiting laboratory aboard the space shuttle Endeavour last week was added to the lost property list after the crew checked its tank and found it empty. Anxious to quash fears that the absent arachnid may be marauding around the space station, Nasa managers insisted that the second orb-weaver was not exactly lost, it just couldn't be found. "We don't believe that it's escaped the overall payload enclosure," assured Kirk Shireman, Nasa's deputy space station programme manager."

Monster Mutant Spider at KSC (Video), earlier post

New video: Spiders in Space (below)

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