Flip Flopping Road Map from The Planetary Society

Planetary Society Steps Beyond Moon for Roadmap to Space

"Several priorities came to light. For human exploration, Mars is clearly the next crucial goal. Lunar exploration can be an intermediate step towards that goal, but care needs to be taken that it not absorb too many resources and become the end goal in itself."

Moon takes a backseat in new space plan, New Scientist

"Instead of trying to recapture the thrill of the Apollo era of lunar exploration by putting people back on the Moon by 2020 - the vision outlined by President Bush in 2004 - the space advocacy organisation is urging the incoming Administration and Congress to set its sights farther beyond Earth."

Editor's note: I am not certain why anyone would take the Planetary Society seriously when it issues these roadmaps. First they were against humans back to the moon. Then, when NASA wants to go there and the notion is trendy, they are for it. Now that things are uncertain, they are against it again.

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